Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Robins

The robins have arrived at our front door. They are making lots of happy noises, hopping around the yard looking for nesting material, and eyeing our front porch as the perfect place to build a nest and start a family. I read once that birds in the wild don't live very long and it is doubtful that these robins are the same ones that came to us last year. I don't like to believe that, though. I like to think that they love our house so much they come back to visit every Spring.

Last year we had an egg wreath on the door for Easter. The robins decided to build a nest on top of the eggs and I laughed about it for a long time. It was very cute. Then their babies started showing up on the front porch and we were quick to try to convince them to fly away because we have three cats!!!

The robins bring Spring with them and I love them for it. I hope the babies visit my porch this year. Here is a picture of one of the babies from 2007 on my front porch.


  1. How cute! And what a beautiful wreath! It makes me want to go prowl around in my Easter and spring decorations up in the attic. I forgot that I have an egg wreath. We usually have barn swallows that build nests on our VINYL columns which amazes me! I read up a little on them the first year they did that and what I read said that they usually build in barns (wooden barns) and that you are very lucky if you have barn swallows. Interesting.

  2. Do barn swallows only live in your area? I don't think I have ever seen a barn swallow where I live, but then I don't know much about them. Guess you have inspired me to go look them up also.

  3. I don't think so but I'm not sure. I did look them up when we realized we had them. They are in the same family as martins and we have a martin house (which may have drawn the barn swallows here - I don't know). I'm sure you can find it on Wikipedia!! hahahahahaha! I go there all the time! They're sweet little birds to watch but they sure are messy. They build their nests with mud and they poop all over the place!